How to Build a Freestanding Patio Cover with 10 Sample Ideas


Free Standing Patio Cover – As we understand, patio has multi-purpose space that has a lots of functions. Additionally, patio is an area in your house that is typically made use of for outdoor celebration, relaxing, bbq and also others family gathering. Certainly, you must maintain the patio from the next-door neighbors although it is located beyond your house.


Actually, you could use the fifty percent wall surfaces, fences, outdoor blinds and plantings that could make your relaxing comfy. Patio is simply not about exterior area but if you want, the patio could be the best room for you in getting the leisure. Normally, the patio just consist of table and chair, yet you can put the jacuzzi, small bed or others furniture.

In fact, the patio is not a patio without paving, it is just called a backyard. So, it is time for you to pick the very best one building for a patio.

How to Build a Freestanding Patio Cover

How to Build a Freestanding Patio Cover

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Among the preferred leisure activities of summer needs to be mingling on the patio with family and friends or just simply sitting out in the sunshine appreciating a good book, wonderful songs, as well as a refreshing beverage.Nonetheless, throughout the dog days of summer season or a quick rain shower, a revealed patio can make the space unusable. With a little persistence and time, you can develop a freestanding patio cover that permits you continuously utilize your patio regardless of the weather.


#1. Freestanding Patio Cover Materials

The materials as well as other products essential to develop a freestanding patio cover depend upon your choices. You could utilize 8-feet long steel or dealt with timber support blog posts. You require a minimum of four posts, one in each corner. Mount the roof with 2-inches large by 4-inches thick lumber.

The number of boards and also length for the roof frame depends upon the measurements of the patio. Acquisition galvanized bases to safeguard the wood or metal posts to the concrete patio. To establish the wooden posts in the ground, you need to acquire ready-mix concrete. The roof design for the patio cover could range from modern-day to hip.

#2. Fasteners and Tools

You could already have the majority of the tools you have to finish this task. Your tool list need to include a ladder, measuring tape, circular saw, drill, and also carpenter’s level, plumb bob, hammer, as well as shovel.

You likewise need fasteners, consisting of 2-inch long coated deck screws, timber screws, rubber washers, ready-mix concrete, and timber screws as well as rubber washers to protect the corrugated plastic to cover the roof. Setup of the blog posts right into the concrete patio calls for concrete supports as well as a concrete drill little the very same diameter.

#3. Install Patio Cover Support Posts

Rectangular or rounded steel articles need to have a minimum 1/4-inch wall surface thickness or a minimum of a schedule 40 density. Install a post at the 4 corners. To pierce into the concrete, connect a concrete drill bit the very same size as the support to your drill.

Usage stainless steel bases as well as concrete supports to connect the blog posts to the concrete. Adhere to the supplier’s directions for securing the article to the base. If you decide to mount [wood articles], buy a standoff base to affixed the blog posts to the concrete. Apply silicone caulk to the base of the steel base before safeguarding it to the concrete.

The alternating setup technique for wood post needs you to dig a hole, at a deepness of concerning 18 inches, at all four corners of the patio. Placement each message in the hole and also fill it with ready-mix concrete. Utilize you woodworker’s degree to ensure that the articles are plumb or straight on all 4 sides.

Affix 2-inches broad by 2-inches thick struts to keep the articles in place till the concrete collections. To ensure the tops of the messages are even, lay a board on the top of 2 blog posts from corner to edge, and check the level with your woodworker’s level.

#4. Construct the Patio Cover Roof

Utilize the articles as your determining guide to compute the perimeter of the patio roof. With the circular saw, reduced the 2-inches broad by 4-inches thick boards the very same length as each side of the perimeter. Put together the patio cover framework on the ground. Area the boards that you cut at even periods along the top of the framework, as well as secure them with 2-inches long deck screws or utilize galvanized hangers.

#5. Install the Patio Roof

For a modern-day style roof, make the roofing material by protecting corrugated plastic sheeting on top of the structure with wood screws and rubber washers. Pierce pilot holes for the screws to ensure that you do not break the plastic.

The rubber washers assist stop rainfall from penetrating through the holes made for the timber screws. You need an assistant and 2 ladders for this. Lift the frame to the top of the post. Screw the frame right into position on top of the messages with deck screws or per the local building code.


For higher looks, the stand alone patio cover is ideal for you to construct to make the patio much more comfortable and stylish. The stand alone patio cover could be developed as you like for layout, product and also appearance.

In addition, you can use the cement, rock, aluminum or wood for offering the all-natural appearances. In our write-up, we are going to share about stand alone patio cover that will certainly give you recommendation.

Free Standing Patio Cover Ideas

For more comfortable, definitely, you have to construct the great material that has durable application. The patio cover should resilient as well as endure any kind of climate.

1. Seattle Exterior

Seattle Exterior

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For the initial, it is actually helpful for outdoor dinner event. Although, you throw away money to construct it, it will certainly give you completely patio. Additionally, you could develop the fire place using the wall surface to obstruct the patio by seeing from your next-door neighbor. For this type of stand alone patio cover, it utilizes roof ceramic tile with timber structure.

2. Walkabout Exterior

Walkabout Exterior

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The second stand alone patio, it is discovered in Texas making use of the corrugated metal. This stand alone is classified as a cheap material since it utilizes low-maintenance. Furthermore, you can utilize cover as the patio cover roof. Really, you could develop it close to your home or alternative entryway right into your house.

3. Stand Alone Concrete Pad

Stand Alone Concrete Pad

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The 3rd stand alone, it utilizes the concrete pad for the base with 4 posts. Certainly, you can put it in the yard or garden that is divided from your home. Furthermore, you can make use of the aluminum or asbestos for the roof.

4. Roof Tile Patio Cover

Roof Tile Patio Cover

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From this set patio cover, it is made from the roof ceramic tile that is normally utilized for home roof too. With 4 poles, you could construct a little large patio that you want. In addition, you could develop the tiny bar using the concrete for more intriguing. Really, you could construct it in the yard near the swimming pool or hot tub.

5. Wood Patio Cover

Wood Patio Cover

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This patio cover is so all-natural looks that are made from the timber. If you actually love something natural, definitely, you could construct making use of the wood for the cover and the posts. It could be mentioned as the large patio where you can construct the fire place or putting a collection of patio furnishings. Naturally, it benefits a big family which has a lot of family member. For the fire place, you can develop it using the concrete covered with ceramics.

6. Steel Patio Cover

Steel Patio Cover

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For this type of patio cover, it is as the long lasting material compared to wood cover. The cover utilizes steel for the cover as well as the poles. For more stunning, you can develop it a little larger for covering the patio as well as swimming pool partially. As seen in the picture, the patio and swimming pool is covered by the steel cover. Certainly, you could appreciate your leisure while you are swimming in the pool. It is so perfect idea, right?

7. Elegant Patio Cover

Elegant Patio Cover

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For this patio cover is so sophisticated however elegant appearances where you could build it really separated from your house. It is made from steel for patio cover with 2 posts. For the 2 others poles, you could hold the cover with building the wall surface, it can likewise block the seeing from the neighbors for your privacy. Additionally, you could plant some turf for getting cool and fresh air. For even more elegant, you could include the white towel for decoration.

8. Concrete Tile Roof

Concrete Tile Roof

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The patio cover makes use of the concrete tile roof that is popular as the long-lasting product. Besides it is durable, this sort of cover additionally has good and also endure for any kind of the weather condition. Absolutely, you can not simply build it for a patio, however you can additionally put the hot tub. So, you could delight in the health spa while you are listening to the music on the patio.

9.  Clay Tile Roof

Clay Tile Roof

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It is so one-of-a-kind for the type of patio where you can develop it like in the outside bars. In addition, you could build the area for covering some beverage or foods. For the chair, it is positioned outside. You can also build the actors tabletop with a fire pit in the middle of patio collections. It goals to provide something warm when you are sitting and also taking pleasure in on the patio. Do not neglect to place some chairs around the tiny bar to ease if you wish to drink some soda or wine.

10. Aluminum Patio cover

Aluminum Patio cover

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For this one, you could build it that is still attached to residence. For the cover material, you could make use of aluminum for obtaining durable as well as lasting. Additionally, you could build it for entry into backyard where you could take a breath the fresh air from the environment-friendly tree or yard.

Put the chair or bench for appreciating your loosen up. For the installment, it is stated the very easy way to set up on your own. Meanwhile, if you could refrain from doing it, you could ask someone who could install the light weight aluminum patio cover.




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